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cooper. tonight a murder that's gone unsolved for more than half a century. a south texas beauty queen sexually assaulted, killed shortly after going to confession. suspicion turned to the priest but nothing stuck. police, though, they never gave up. so, now, 53 years later, evidence points only to the man who heard irene garza's final confession, the man they still suspect took her life. cnn's gary tuchman has the remarkable story. >> she had beautiful, shiny hair. she had this natural effervescence. >> she had the most musical type voice. >> she had a way with children, and she smelled like flowers. >> reporter: in 1960, irene garza was raped and murdered in mcallen, texas. >> one thing i remember is just screams. >> there was a suspect. who do you believe killed irene garza? >> father john bernard feit. >> father john feit. back then, a catholic priest. >> no evidence in this case right now points us in any other direction. >> so why is he still a free man? by all accounts, irene garza was a remarkable young woman. >> she kind of broke the mold. >> irene's younger cousin, noemi sigl
davis ineend -- wendy texas as well at her filibuster as a texas -- of a texas abortion bill. >> many of you heard my name for the first time last month when, as allison said, in the last hours of the texas legislative session, the partisans and power attempted to pass not just an abortion bill, but a bill that would block health care access to tens of thousands of women across the state of texas. in the process, these partisan lawmakers were seeking to rob texas women of their voice. because when women showed up at to testify, and they showed up by the thousands, many of them were turned away. and they were unable to give voice to an issue that had a very real impact on their lives. before i took the floor that morning for the longest 13 hours of my life, i worked with my staff to track down testimony that had been submitted in the committee hearings that had not been read. during the next hours, i read every single one of their stories out loud. with aere real people very, very personal stories to tell. many of whom had never, ever given voice to their story before. to anot
davis ineend -- wendy texas as well at her filibuster as a texas -- of a texas abortion bill. >> many of you heard my name for the first time last month when, as allison said, in the last hours of the texas legislative session, the partisans and power attempted to pass not just an abortion bill, but a bill that would block health care access to tens of thousands of women across the state of texas. in the process, these partisan lawmakers were seeking to rob texas women of their voice. because when women showed up at to testify, and they showed up by the thousands, many of them were turned away. and they were unable to give voice to an issue that had a very real impact on their lives. fo
in texas. and the support she's receiving after this video went online and went viral. >>> let's start this morning with the first of the ocean's 16 to step forward. her name is susan nichol. she is part of that pool of maintenance workers that hit the powerball this week. this story, a huge blast of hope for a community that was hit very hard by superstorm sandy. and aditi roy is all over the story. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this lottery winner may be part of ocean 16. but she's on cloud nine. she revealed her identity to the public. and why she's not leaving her job just yet. this morning, we're hearing from one of ocean 16 for the first time, the county workers that won big in wednesday's $448.4 million powerball jackpot, has protected their anonymity until now. >> i'm still up in the clouds. >> reporter: new jersey native, susan nichols, says she wouldn't believe it when she and 15 fellow workers hit all five numbers and the powerball. >> my co-worker shook me. we did win. >> reporter: until friday night, the only thing we knew about the county government workers, is that no
's being goveed by some of the younger tea party-backed republicans like texas senator ted cruz, florida's marco rubio. oe irony here is the president's reaction today puts him on exactly same pace with mitt romney and paul ryan and scores of republicans who think it's not just a bad idea but a really dumb one as the very conservative south carolina vanator richard burr put it. sensing the expected backlash, some republicans have even called it suicidal. as romney said, after shutting down the government, what would come next when soldiers aren't paid, when seniors fear for endicare and social security and then the f.b.i. goes off duty. the people of the nation would not be happy, unquote. cruz and rubio may actually press on this with this plan. not many around here think they can possibly succeed but the siesident obviously saw this as an opportunity to give the opposition a good swift kick and as he headed off on vacation, he seemed just delighted to do just that. >> glor: bob schieffer, we'll see you on sunday. and on sunday on "face the nation" bob's guest include peter king from th
gas reduction and that's it, an unbundled rec from a wind farm in texas is going to lead to the same amount of carbon reduction as an unbundled rec from a wind farm in the delta or solar panel in san francisco. however, if your policy goals include local air issues, local job issues, economic development, then it does start to matter where the rec comes from. again, it doesn't necessarily matter if it's bundled or unbundled, but it does matter what type of resource it was associated with. that gets you to the california law, which it does apply to any cca that's created up to 33%. from that, the recs, there's three buckets in there, the two most important buckets are bucket 1 and bucket 3. bucket 1 says it has to be an unbundled or a bundled transaction from a facility that can deliver electricity in the california or located in the california. so, no unbundled rec in bucket 1. bucket 3 is unbundled recs and some other things in there, and the percentages that are attached to those over time, most importantly by 2020 no more than 10% of unbundled recs can be in that 33% procurement.
today in florida. >> the texas governor was in a state of confusion at the red state gathering. >> you look at south carolina. you look at florida. >> you're in louisiana. >> where am i? >> the pit of despair. >> i know when i said that, i'm in one of those states that reflects that today in louisiana. >> oops. >> millions lined up for their chance at that million-dollar dream. >> $1 million. >> this jackpot is a crack ton of money. >> $448.4 million. >> this week's jackpot made new millionaires in new jersey and minnesota. >> yes! >> i was in shock. i was absolutely in shock will i never imagined it would be me. never, ever. >> kim called me at like 8:30. she said are you a millionaire sure enough, they are right and i said i'll have to call you back later. >> this week's top trender. >> going on at the hyatt that no one wants to talk about. everyone was hush-hush. >> shhh. be very quiet. >> the insider tells us the entire place was rented out by the koch brothers. >> republican hot brothers join the billionaire brothers for a secret meeting in new mexico. >> what kind of dastardly sc
wins it, but texas wins as well and they are still in a tie for first. ryan vogel song coming back and hello. welcome back. 2-0 and he goes six inning striking out four. giants couldn't do anything until this in the 6th. brandon belt and aloha. the deepest part of the yard. his 13th and 2-1 orioles and then the giants rally in the 9th and base hit and brandon belt scored and it is tied at two. davis haves a fantastic season. two out and stwo on and doubles to the gap off lopez and both men score. o's win it 5-2. majors are supposed to be supreme tests of golf skills. not this pga championship. if you are not under par something is wrong. adam scott with a spectacular birdie. he is 7 under along with matt could you where. he has never won a major. he has a 7 under 63. this is for eagle. nine under par and tiger two over and one back. raiders beat the cowboys in their pre-season opener. the nfl will not let us run highlights because this game is being seen on tape delay. wait until i call the commissioner and give him a piece of my mind about this. matt flynn lead the team to an earl
runs, 14/6, as , rangers beat houston. so texas and the as tied at the top of the american league west. >>> woods and mickelson. dufmer on fire. tiger woods again. i wear this out. oh, stop it. but you have twice the audience if tiger woods was in contention over the weekend. not bad, though, you know, she shot today a 70, but jason dufner is the man. born in cleveland, reside ins auburn, alabama. he had a major tieing record low score of 63 that breaks the course record and he leads at 9 under par. dufner is the pga championship. so once again, the giants at home from world champions to last placitaing it up the. josh reddick, three home runs, and you know, the as had five home runs tonight in all. so they are of course battling for a pennant and the raiders, not bad. the crowd wasn't too bad at the oakland coliseum tonight. pam, what is the name of our nice young producer? >> ashley. >> ashley call down and said i'm giving you 20 extra seconds to fill. so i immediately set the staff to write some new material, get some new stuff out. ash, is back there. i thought she was going to sa
materiales educativos. >>> letrero que apareciÓ en el estacionamiento de un centro comercial en texas ofende a la comunidad mucsulmanmusulmana. >>> hombre de bangladesh que reconociÓ intentar hacer un atentado en estados unidos. tore toreros del mundo invaden perÚ. >>> hablamos con los soÑadores que fueron liberados de un centro de detenciÓn. >>> no podemos seguir esperando que ocurra un milagro, tenemos que hacer todo lo posible para poder unir a las familias. >>> lÓpez o obrador dice que el presidente de mexicÉxico no deb privatizar el petrÓleo. >>> es un atraco, no vamos a permitir eso. >>> debatimos la legalizaciÓn de las drogas. >>> no hay evidencia que el cigarro o tabaco sean menos daÑinos que la marihuana. >>> no va a disminuir por la legalizaciÓn de la marihuana por ejemplo. >>> se drogan mÁs los beisbolistas ofensivo cartel contra la comunidad mucsulmana apareciÓ e un centro comercial de houston, no se pueden estacionar musulmÁnes salÍa. >>> funciona una mezquita al lado y los feligreses van ahÍ a realizar compras. >>> hombre de bangladesh reconociÓ cometer un atent
manziel, a heisman-winning quarterback from texas a&m under fire from the ncaa after he allegedly accepted $7500 for signing memorabilia. that is against ncaa rules. but is it fair to dom down on players for doing what the ncaa and most other colleges do as a whole, turning sports programs in to cash cows with tv deals? corporate sponsorships. merchandise. time for the flip side. mike, you say let the kids make money. >> yes, absolutely, david. look. college football players already make money. but how much? they get scholarship money, stipend. should they also get money from licensing? i say yes. the ncaa acts as a cartel in negotiating as a group. huge tv deals and the huge licensing deals. the players deserve a piece of that. >> david: if the colleges can do it, why not the plays? >> i don't like the idea at all. i would change sports forever in college. would we have professor steinbrenner negotiate with 18-year-old? you'll have more lawyers and bureaucrats at colleges negotiating the deals, so the tuition costs go up and the richest schools would get the players if they say yeah, you
democratic state senator wendy davis. plusalks about a 10 hour filibuster she led against the texas senate abortion bill in june. >> c-span, created by americans -- america's abel companies. -- cable companies. thatth the announcement "the washington post" has been sold to jeff bezos, we thought we would take this opportunity to look at changes in the newspaper industry and the potential future of the news industry in general. we have two guests joining us this week. we want to introduce you to alan mutter. insulting,spaper lecturer at the university of california-berkeley on media consultant, lecturer at the university of california-berkeley on media economics. also joining us from our new york studio is edmund lee, the media reporter for bloomberg news. mr. lee, if we could start with you. how big a deal is this sale? in secularig deal terms, at least. in terms of numbers and finance, $250 million is not a lot of money. compared to other media deals, it is pretty small. it is more the fact that it is "the washington post," the storied newspaper. and jeff bezos, on the other side of the c
missionary in dallas, texas. they rolled up on this street ball game. air balls. >> but they were schooling these guys. a little bit of a hustle. here's how they actually play. >> boom! >> see that? >> is it appropriate to hustle when you are on your mission? you are hustling for jesus, baby. >> i'm sure they didn't bet any money. >> i don't think there was any money involved. >> what? >> these guys are like in dress shoes he dunked on us. >> that's not the only awesome play. watch this. big denial. swatting that out. ooh. >> they are good. >> yep. >> oh! >> they're in dress shoes? >> dress shoes. their ties tucked in. these are two mormon missionaries traveling around on their bicycles, of course. >> i love how much these guys love it. >> according to the uploader, he says the best part of the story is that one of the guy's daughters ended up getting baptized. the converted to mormons. their mission of dunking worked. apparently one of these guys is on the state championship basketball team and also has a 40-inch vertical jump. >>> that's going to do it for us here at "rtm." we'll see you
inspections, suvfficiencysufficiency, and aids. getting fs, texas, louisiana, indiana, and oklahoma where this hidden video caught a nursing assistant shoving a glove in a woman's mouth, in ohio which lacks staff, video caught a caregiver flinging a senior onto her bed. >> senior officials need to hold them accountable and step up and providing better care. >> according to the report just seven stated provided care by professional nursing care. states that did the best had larger and more experienced staff. >> i was wondering if you could explain your actions on that video. >> we tried to speak to minnie gram's nursing aides. they declined. they were both arrested. their cases are still pending. as for minnie gram she died a few weeks after this video. >> she just gave up didn't want to be treated like that in her last days, you know. >> reporter: adequacy for elderly says improvements must be made soon. the nursing population will be increasing 40% in the next decade. >> for more go to the cbs news website and click on health. >>> now to the murder and racketeer
ending his career and he earns $28 million a season. apparently he owns a used car lot in texas so he can become a used car salesman which is perfect for his cheating. >> how big a loss is random minor leaguer for the yankees and can he bounce back after this? >> we are all missing the point. despite the prevenlence of performance-enhancing drugs -- >> that's what p.e.d. means? >> it is a boring game. there should be more drugs in baseball and not less. >> more drugs for the players and drugs for the fans to be able to watch these games and they are board to sleep. >> you don't want to take a drug that makes the game longer. >> angel dust. throw the angel dust into baseball. pcp fixes everything. >> jake, while you are talking jesus montero, some of the players suspended. what is next for them? do they regret cheating? >> they need to suspend a player named steve. that's what i think. it is very clear. >> you know, the thing is 14 of the 18 players linked to bio genesis are from latin america. in the green room you pointed that out and you said si. i condemn that. i condemn that. i condem
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. senator ted cruz of texas, steve king of iowa, 2012 presidential candidate rick santorum and yes, donald trump. i guarantee he's not running for president. let's ignore that. it's early. the 2016 race is under way. much more on the republican side than the democratic side. we'll talk about that more in saechblthd first i want to bring in msnbc's kasey hunt at the family summit in ames, iowa. we can see the crowd has yet to fill up. very early out there, probably a time zone change. tell us who is going to be there today. we gave us a few names. what are we expecting to hear from them? >> steve, you hit on the major names coming here on the 2016 hopefuls or potential 2016 hopefuls, you donald trump, rick santorum who eked out a victory over mitt romney in 2012. but in some ways what's notable are the names that aren't yet coming out here. there was a long list of republicans who were invited but who are not actually speaking this year. rick perry, governor of texas, bobby jindal, governor of louisiana, senator marco rubio from florida. there are banner names who are likely to pop up on th
is going green. b-m-w introduced its new electric car in austin, texas today. it's called the "eye- three." the carmaker says on its site that the design defines the automobile of tomorrow. according to u-s-a today, the going price for the new model is around 41 to 45 thousand dollars. it goes on sale in the u-s next spring. the consequences of hurricane sandy are now being felt by car buyers. so-called "sandy cars" are being sold to unaware buyers at used car lots. thousands of cars were submerged in the storm, and now that many of them have dried out.they are being put back on the market. carfax estimates around 212-thousand flood cars are on the road today throughout the u-s. the cars may look alright.but airbag and other safety systems may not work properly. college students who receive federal education loans will get a temporarily reduced interest rate. on friday, president obama signed a bipartisan bill that lowers the interest to nearly four percent for undergraduate students and five percent for graduate students. the president and lawmakers say the legislation will significant a
, texas, you are on booktv with dr. randall one. >> caller: was an honor to address you this morning. what i wanted to comment on was regarding your earlier comments, of your counselor's tried to redirect in the medical field. i understand where you are coming from because when i was attending power jarvis told the same chain and my daughter was told the same thing by her high school counselor when my daughter mentioned she wanted to attend the university of texas and her counselors said you would be lucky if you can get into your most public or mobile community college offended her also and now she is in her junior year at the university of texas and completed 15 hours successfully. my question is what can you tell the councilors out there that are listening, and what can you do, what can you tell them to change their way of thinking and addressing students and i hope we get to see you at the texas book fair hopefully later this year. it is an honor. >> host: what do you do for a living? >> i am a physical education coach. >> guest: i do want to say community colleges served a very import
presento las imÁgenes. >> (♪). >> el video fue captado hace un aÑo en texas y muestra como una oficial le soca los senos y le mete la mano en el pantalÓn a una mujer que fue detenida en una carretera sin cometer infracciÓn alguna. >> porque un policÍa dijo que olÍa a marihuana. >> y en estas imÁgenes lo hace sin el menor pudor y en plena vÍa pÚblica, este conductor se puso la soga al cuello mientras dos oficiales intentaban decifrar si estaba ebrio cuando lo detuvieron por conducir a exceso de velocidad comenzÓ a bailar alegremente alegando que lo hacÍa para facilitarle el trabajo a agentes y para que no perdieran el tiempo haciendo las pruebas. >> bueno ¿quÉ tal? ahÍ lo vieron, por supuesto que termiÓo arrestado tras semejante desafÍo y se nota bastante que estaba ebrio. >> vamos a pasar a otras noticias siguen ardiendo bosque en su california donde decenas de casas han sido devoradas por el fuego y otras estÁn en peligro, lamentablemente vamos a pasar con salvador durÁn y el recuento de los daÑos. >> buenas tardes salvador, cuÉntanos. >> ¿quÉ tal? buenas tardes y la
of an outdoors man may make a run into the wilderness and in the past he had a misdemeanor in texas for avoiding a police officer, and heading down a dirt road at 70 miles an hour. there were a lot of signs here that perhaps he thought this out, and carefully calculate just where he would make his run. >> thank you very much. joining us now andrea sancomb, christine anderson's sister, hanna and ethan's aunt. the news that your niece appeared to be in good health in the wilderness area, what is your reaction to that? >> it makes me happy. i'm hoping they find him, get them out of there. >> we all are. obviously, it's a tough, tough situation. the sheriff said your niece doesn't seem to be held against her will. i don't know if we can read too much into that. what do you make of that? >> there could be all different scenarios behind that. you know, i -- i don't have much to say on it, but she's being held. >> some friends of hanna's are saying dimaggio actually had some sort of crush on her. he's, what, 40? she's 16 years old. she was uncomfortable with that, does that come as a surprise to you? >
to make a run into the wilderness. we know also in his past he had that misdemeanor back in texas for avoiding a police officer and heading down a dirt road at 70 miles per hour. there were a lot of signs he thought this out and calculated just where he would make his run. >> oliver camden on the scene for us, thank you very much. joining us now, christine anderson's sister, the aunt of the two children. we're so sorry what happened today, andrea. the news today that your niece appeared to be in good health. what's your reaction to that? >> it makes me happy. i'm hoping they find them. >> we all are hoping that. obviously it's a tough, tough situation. the sheriff today did say that your niece didn't seem to be held against her will. i don't know if we can read too much into that. but what do you make of that? >> there could be all different scenarios behind that. you know, i don't have much to say on it, but she's being held. >> some friends of hannah's are saying that dimaggio had a crush on her. he's 40, she's 16 years old. she was uncomfortable with that. does that come as a s
such as north dakota and texas have skyrocketed. in those states, energy permits can be approved in just a few .eeks compared to, federal lands, anti-president obama's energy redtape takes over, 300 days to approve permits. the cost of that delay means less job creation, less economic activity, and less american energy. instead of playing politics with energy, we have a plan to jumpstart our economy with it. we want and all of the above energy strategy. a diverse, market-based energy portfolio of nuclear,, solar, and other renewables means more competition and lower prices for consumers. to stopans will work government policies that are driving up energy costs, preventing businesses from hiring new employees. there is nothing americans cannot do if the innovation and ingenuity of the private sector is allowed to flourish in the open market. opening access to responsible energy production will lower prices, create jobs, grow our economy, decrease dangerous dependence on foreign oil, and lower the deficit by adding much-needed revenue to the treasury. republicans will continue working to get gov
and the crazy stuff going on in texas and north carolina. the war on women is putting up probably the best known woman in the world and having a hand come out and slap her and having the republican party sponsor that. i would that be doing this if i were in his place. it is really stupid. you should be calling this out instead of encouraging it. >> i should clarify that it is a republican anlt hillary pac. but as the cheryl of the party it seems to me, if you're going to use what little bully pulpit you have to do something, rather than making these false, hollow threats, could you actually do some good and say, hey, violence against women is bad. >> he can help himself and the party here but he won't. they haven't been able to do it. the problem is the conservative pacs, the koch brothers and all those people, everybody is so beholden to them, they're terrified of them. until they stand up to them i don't think they'll win any republicans. >> thank you. >>> next, detroit may be the canary in the coal mine but how can it be that banks are too big to fail but our cities are on their own. this is
invested in a 200-foot clock to be put inside a mountain in texas. it will chime once a century. a kind of hello to the infinite future. from a guy who loves the infinite possibilities right now. >> we love the pioneer. we even like going down alleys that turn out to be blind alleys. every once in awhile, one of those blind alleys opens up into a broad avenue. >> and so we choose the astonishing jeff bezos. >>> we thank you for watching. we're always working for you at "20/20" tonight in this week of lotto fever, how to get lucky and stay lucky. on "20/20." and david muir, here this weekend. good night. >>> a grim discovery. researchers found. >> gf brown and the action he took this afternoon to head off a strick. >> grave situation. a little mistake turned into a big deal for one grieving family. michael finney steps in to help. >> and eleven at out side lands what. to expect this weekend. >> and that breaking news outside vacaville. searchers discovered a body while looking for this missioning oakland woman. >> we don't know who it is yet, but sandra coke's family is fo
fue comprado en febrero del 2012 en una subasta del gobierno de los estados unidos en mc calen texas sergio torres padre de unos de los jÓvenes, pago 3, 900 dÓlares por la van. que fue decomisado por las autoridades estadounidenses. >>> esa camioneta fue detenido anteriormente en estados unidos por posesiÓn de droga. y allÍ es donde comenzamos a buscar los antecedentes de la camioneta y que fue detenida por posesiÓn de droga. >>> esta droga, era cocaÍna paquetes marcados con la palabra good, buena, como los que encontraron meses despuÉs, escondidos en el tablero, cuando sergio y julio, iban en el vehÍculo. >>> pues, ahora sÍ que ellos por lo que me platican, se quedan tambiÉn desconcertados diciendo que no es de ellos. >>> sergio torres padre, mostrÓ la copia de una cta que el agregado del departamento de justicia estadounidense envÍo a la procuradurÍa mexicana, admite que los oficiales pudieron fallar en detectar la droga cuando la camioneta fue decomisada en el 2011. el seÑor torres duarte pudo tener en su poder dicha cocaÍna sin saberlo cuando fue arrestado cuando c
, tambien solitario... y en la sexta con dos en ganar 14 a 6.. wipe vo pero con el triunfo de texas hoy sobre houston, aun comparten el liderato de la division... ===wipe=== ===chroma key=== jf ===chroma key=== jf hoy dio inicio la quinta fecha del apertura 2013 con dos partidos disputados; por cierto para esta fecha destaca el clasico regiomontano - tigres recibiendo a rayados en el volcan... take vo ===wipe=== add lib ===wipe=== add lib ===chroma key=== jf cesar --- tiempo de la ultima pausa comercial pero al regresar, take vo take vo cesar --- el avance de la tecnologia facilita nuevas formas de interaccion entre las personas, pero por qu un mensaje de texto causa problemas entre muchas parejas ??? se lo contamos al volver...
. five homers for the a's who wins it, but texas wins as well and they are still in a tie for first. ryan vogel song coming back and hello. welcome back. 2-0 and he goes six inning striking out four. giants couldn't do anything until this in the 6th. brandon belt and aloha. the deepest part of the yard. his 13th and 2-1 orioles and then the giants rally in the 9th and base hit and brandon belt scored and it is tied at two. davis haves a fantastic season. two out and stwo on and doubles to the gap off lopez and both men score. o's win it 5-2. majors are supposed to be supreme tests of golf skills. not this pga championship. if you are not under par something is wrong. adam scott with a spectacular birdie. he is 7 under along with matt could you where. he has never won a major. he has a 7 under 63. this is for eagle. nine under par and tiger two over and one back. raiders beat the cowboys in their pre-season opener. the nfl will not let us run highlights because this game is being seen on tape delay. wait until i call the commissioner and give him a piece of my mind about this. matt flynn l
sur. el tiempo en texas centro y sur seco y las temperaturas por encima de 100, la sensaciÓn tÉrmica de 102, hasta 110. un poco de lluvia en el estado de la florida, muchos preparan el fin de semana, asociado a Área de bajas presiÓn que se mueve hacia el oeste, nada de quÉ asustarse, una vez cruce las condiciones van a mejorar. calor y buen tiempo sÁbado y domingo, pero las temperaturas siguen cÁlidas en todo el sur del paÍs, por encima de los 90, incluyendo atlanta, lluvias en el corredor de la i 95, se despeja el fin de semana, sigue el calor con temperaturas en toda la zona de new york de 84, hasta 90 en dc, el oeste es otra historia, bastante niebla, lluvia en washington y oregon ni siquieras sen san francisco niebla y llovizna, en california 80, phoenix con 104 grados, mÉxico con mucho calor, monterrey 39, mÁs al norte 33, la penÍnsula con 31 a 34 grados, lluvia de meteoritos la madrugada del lunes. eduardo el tiempo si quiere comunicarse conmigo. >>> gracias, llegÓ el momento de los deportes y vamos en vivo a los Ángeles, antonieta collins cumpliendo una misiÓn espe
. five r.b.i.s. 14-6 and texas won so they stay in a tie of first place. giants and orioles. return of vogelsong coming back with a broken hand. j.j. harding says welcome back. solo home run. giants couldn't do anything until here in the sixth. brandon belt -- wow! deepest part of the ballpark. giants rally and hunter pence singles. here comes belt and we are tied at 2. in the tenth, chris davis, two outs and two on and that is through the gap of lopez. both runners would score. orioles go on to win. >> majors are supreme test of golfing skill. birdies galore. if you are not under par in rochester something has gone terribly wrong. matt, tied for second in 7 under. adam is up and down. this is spectacular 40-foot birdie. he is 7 under. man is to catch jason. with a 7 under par for a 63. tiger is one over. >> n.f.l. raiders open the pre-season against the cowboys. he started as quarterback. here a long drive for a pick in the end zone. third quarter. matt hooks up on a 30-yard touchdown and raiders hold on to win 19-17. that is wrap on morning sports. mike shumann will be third round
am from howard payne university in texas. and my economic development costs, we read a book about western imperialism and how the u.s. and great britain kind of imposed the western views on other countries. and it talks about state-owned enterprises and how those can be beneficial in some cases. in your opinion is there ever a time if they don't have a price can be beneficial, you know, at least to get it started and is it ever possible that the private owned. is it ever a good thing, or is it always like this. tonight that's an excellent question. >> a couple of years on earth day is coming a lot of trouble. the u.s. postal service has basically delivered. in order to keep 300,000 trucks delivering these things can take it to a landfill. this is the area that i study my research relationship. for the government to be a primary customer in the industry, it is devised for the postal system. the transcontinental railroad is an example. and the internet was handed over to the public. so there are times that i believe the government has a legitimate role. but no, i don't think that th
the country are putting in their own special order, hold the kids. a mexican restaurant in texas becoming the latest establishment to refuse service to children. in this case past 7:00 p.m. of course they wreak havoc on other patrons, but to bar kids from restaurants, is a legal? joininge now, attorneys. welcome a discrimination law called the reason -- least restrictive means. children under the rubric of family status or is discrimination in public accommodation. the position where there could be a separate room. that will be offending anyone. gerri: now i have to have a room fo kids? >> it is likened to people taking their kids to a baseball game and sitting in the beer section. gerri: if you think about as -- it presents kids are entitled to up protected status. the lodge's does not go there. children are ends the title to this. gerri:ere is what i am thinking. kids and adults. ephemeris from paying the bill and panda waitstaff i should be of a cut anybody wants to. >> as long as you d don't kick them out based on a legal principle -- gerri: noisy, and directing the other people. >>
lost every single day. it was a beautiful thing. i went from boston to florida, across to texas, into new orleans, down into mexico, eventually finished up coming across the golden gate bridge. and with so many stories this is the thing. everybody had a story to tell. this was the beautiful thing about america too. people were open and gracious and kind. i didn't sleep one single night in a hotel. i either camped out in a forest or by the river or people invited me into their homes. and it was just sort of fantastic. >> stephen: it is the accent you realize, it is disarming. it's a leprechaun what can possibly do to us. (applause) >> i know. >> stephen: well, colum mccann, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> stephen: colum mccann, the book is transatlantic. we'll be right back. thank you. ßb; çu;u:u:uzuzuzuzuçuçuçuuuuzuÑ w+7áe!q(q(p]p]p]u+]á7á-á-á+ááááá captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york this is the daily show with jon stewart. (cheers and
, with three home runs. he had five, going into the game and even more with texas about to finish off houston. and the a's will remain of the american league west. >> and alex rodriguez. i would say that it is half cheering and half of boeing, the crowd. half--the crowd booing... and previously, with to kneecap surgeries, he's got everything working. he was removed in the ninth and the yankees had victory, 4-3. and ryan vogelson was on the pitcher mount, 2-0 = baltimore. rodriguez baltimore with ryan vogelsong returning to the mound. a's/jays window washers high up at top 1st/scoreless >> i do not think that he deserved to beat suspended but perhaps a couple of games here and there but i think that 214 games is personal. jed lowire 3-run home run to right off esmil rogers 3-0 next pitch and rocks my world one of my ithe e-mails segment. >> and can you slow down on colin kaepernick. he is alread ihal of you have him -- already in the hall of fame -- any of not even got in into the new season yet. >> i cannot think that anybody has his talent or skills. it has been a longer time since we have s
of the cities most affordable to raise a child. number one atlanta georgia, second two san antonio texas. in las vegas nevada you can expect your first year of child rearing to cost $19,500. >>> a judge today denied bail for the man accused of fatally shooting a young nursing student in san jose. johnny lozano faces one count of murder with a gun enhancement. 19-year-old kimberly chico was in a car when she was struck by gunfire saturday morning. she was a student at san jose state. her funeral is scheduled for tomorrow. >>> a dog is in need of a wheelchair. the custom made device was left outside on bay view avenue for just a few minutes when laura returned to get it it was gone. without the cart, smoocher has to be carried everywhere. she believes whoever took the wheelchair didn't know what it was. >> it's probably one of these people that drive by in a truck picking up things for garage sales. recycling. >> a reward is being offered to anyone who returns the wheelchair no questions asked. >>> the oakland police department is teaming up with community organizations to host the city's second a
in texas. eboni, the unfriendliest cities. newark, new haven, when they say unfriendly, do they mean the most likely to get shot? >> i know. that's a bit scary. los angeles is on that list, too. i'm a los angeles transplant. i've been here three years and it did take some getting used to. i don't think they were the most welcoming to outsiders at first. i got the sense that you sort of needed to be vetted in the west versus in the south. no vetting necessary. we just welcome you with open arms. >> i have the benefit of having lived in albany for a couple years. albany, new york, is right there and i have to confess, you wouldn't exactly think of people in albany as being warm and inviting and necessarily friendly. there might be some merit to this list. >> there's not a lot to do in albany. people talk about the weather. it is not about the weather. oakland has amazing weather. the best way to see oakland is from a telescope. perhaps oregon or maybe the space station. any way, a new survey about living to 120 and-on. americans' views on aging. the pugh research center poll found most
enough that it is too early to say on this case. but there already is a history, a settlement in texas. >> i want to throw in a free market solution. here's my solution. you take it away. reduce the rate of abortions. that's something we can all agree on. most americans when polled say this is something they want to do. not a left or right issue. so what about separating planned parenthood into two entities? and because money is funkible. this is the argument they're investigating and the argument often used. why not separate into two entities? one that provides health care and another one that provides abortion services? that way we the taxpayer know where our money is going? what's wrong with that idea? >> well, i think you're on the right track. and actually, abortions have been coming down over the last generation. and every place but planned parenthood where it is their largest profit center them do one out of four abortions in the country. where every four seconds a child dies in their clinics. it is true that the government money that is over $542 million is supposed to not do a
latino-americans' story. i want to know the story of the southwest of america, the story of texas when it was mexico. i want to know all of that. i want to know the asian-americans' story. now, that's what american history has to be. we have to know each other's stories. and we should know the stories of people who live throughout the world. and then some of the fences between us would fall. we'd be hess inclined to -- less inclined to say that our concerns stop t -- stop at our borders, that we should all be concerned about humankind. no matter where one lives, we are concerned about their lot, and we cultivate that concern when we know their stories. but we don't do that. >> host: back to our facebook page we don't do that. >> host: jack comments so happy to see and hear randall robinson on in depth. now if we could just delete all the heritage foundation programs. i read that because unwanted to ask you, we hear it is often on c-span, people only watching what they agree with. what is your viewing habits, what are you reading? >> let me say this about c-span first of all. i said to
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of the game. sixoakland smacked five bombs overall to win 14-6. texas also stays in a tie for first place. >>> brian vogelsong coming back after a broken hand. jason harding said welcome back. solo blast. giants couldn't do anything off of chris tillmon until here. brandon bell, wow, deepest part of the ballpark. his 13th of the year, 2-0, orioles. the single off the closer, here he comes and we are tied at two. but in the tenth, chris davis. two outs, and two on, and that is to the gap javier lopez majors are supposed to be supreme tests of golf skills. not the pga championship this week. birdies galore. if you are not-under par in rochester, something has gone wrong. kutcher, 4-under 66. first round leader adam scott, up and down. this is a spectacular 40-foot birdie. 5 birds, three bogeys. his 7 under 11 with kutcher. the man to catch is jason dufner. never won a major. been close. never pulled it off. tried to make a record for low score with a 7-under 63. that is for eagle. dufner is 9-under, leading by two strokes, heading to the third round. tiger 1-over, 10 back. nfl. the raiders
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